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     Gaelic Phrases
     der ganz normale Wahnsinn

Ich kann kein Gälisch. Und ich bin auch zu dumm, um es jemals zu lernen. Nichtsdestotrotz kommen hier einfach ein paar Gälische Sätze rein. So.

GAELIC PHRASES OF THE MONTH (gesammelt aus mehreren Newslettern)
(from Irish Newsletter)
PHRASE: Sean is ainm dom
PRONOUNCED: Sean is ann-imm dum
MEANING: Sean is my name!

PHRASE: Ca bhfuil Maire/Sean?
PRONOUNCED: caw will Maire/Sean
MEANING: Where is Maire/Sean!

PHRASE: Ta se/si sa teach/ostan
PRONOUNCED: taw shay/shee sah chock/us-tawn
MEANING: He/She is in the house/hotel

PHRASE: Ta se go brea
PRONOUNCED: taw shay goh braw
MEANING: It is sunny!

PHRASE: Ta se scamaillach
PRONOUNCED: taw shay scomm-ill-ock
MEANING: it is cloudy

PHRASE: Ta se ag cuir baisteach
PRONOUNCED: taw shay egg curr bawsh-stuck
MEANING: It is raining!

PHRASE: Na dean sin!
PRONOUNCED: nah dane shin
MEANING: Dont do that!

PHRASE: Cuir sin sios
PRONOUNCED: cwirr shin shees
MEANING: Put that down!

PHRASE: Fuirich air falbh on teine
PRONOUNCED: fwirr-ick err voliv on dyan-yeh
MEANING: Stay away from the fire!

PHRASE: Buchaill/cailin maith!
PRONOUNCED: boo-kill/coll-een mott
MEANING: Good boy/girl!


PHRASE: Eireann go Brach !
PRONOUNCED: air-inn go braw
MEANING: Ireland forever!

PHRASE: Cead mile failte romhat!
PRONOUNCED: kade meela fall-cheh row-itt
MEANING: A hundred thousand welcomes!

PHRASE: Slainte
PRONOUNCED: slawn-che
MEANING: Good Health!

PHRASE: Beannachtai na Feile Padraig
PRONOUNCED: bann/ockt/tee nih fail/eh pawd/rig
MEANING: Happy Saint Patrick's Day

PHRASE: Siochan leat
PRONOUNCED: shee/oh/con lat
MEANING: Peace be with you

PHRASE: Slán agus beannacht leat
PRONOUNCED: slawn og/us ban/ockt lat
MEANING: Goodbye and blessings on you

PHRASE: Eanair/Feabhra/Marta
PRONOUNCED: onn-irr/feow-rih/marr-tah
MEANING: January/February/March

PHRASE: De Luain/De Mairt/De Cheadaoin
PRONOUNCED: day-loon/day mart/day k-deen
MEANING: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

PHRASE: Ta se a haon/do/tri a chlog
PRONOUNCED: taw shay a hane/doh/tree ah clug
MEANING: It is one/two/three o'clock

PHRASE: Aibrean/Bealtaine/Meitheamh
PRONOUNCED: obb-rinn/beowl-tinn-eh/meh-ivh
MEANING: April/May/June

PHRASE: Deardaoin/De hAoine/De Satharn/ De Domhnach
PRONOUNCED: dare-deen/day heena/day satt-urn/day dow-nock
MEANING: Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday

PHRASE: Ta se a ceithir/cuig/se a chlog
PRONOUNCED: taw shay a kerr-ihh/koo-igg/shay a clug
MEANING: It is four/five/six o'clock

PHRASE: Iuil/Lunasa/Mean Fomhair
PRONOUNCED: ooh-ill/loon-asa/man-foe-irr
MEANING: July/August/September

PHRASE: White/Green/Black/Blue/Brown/Red/Yellow
PRONOUNCED: ban/glass/dubh/gorm/donn/dearg/bui
MEANING: bawn/gloss/duve/gurim/don/djarigg/bwee

PHRASE: Ta se a seacht/ocht/naoi a chlog
PRONOUNCED: taw shay shocked/ucked/knee a clug
MEANING: It is seven/eight/nine o'clock

PHRASE: Deireadh Fomhair/Samhain/Nollaig
PRONOUNCED: derr-ihh foe-irr/zoew-inn/null-igg
MEANING: October/November/December

PHRASE: Nollaig faoi shean is faoi mhaise duit!
PRONOUNCED: Nullig fwee yan iss fwee mway/shih dwit
MEANING: A prosperous and enjoyable Christmas!

PHRASE: Nollaig Shona duit
PRONOUNCED: nullig hunna dwit
MEANING: Happy Christmas to you

PHRASE: Athblian shona duit
PRONOUNCED: ought/bleen hunna dwit
MEANING: Happy new year to you

PHRASE: An féidir liom cabhru leat?
PRONOUNCED: on fay-durr lum cow-roo lat?
MEANING: May I help you?

PHRASE: An bhfuil tu ag lorg duine eigin?
PRONOUNCED: on will two egg lurg dinn-eh aig-ginn
MEANING: Are you looking for someone?

PHRASE: An gno pearsanta no oifigiuil e?
PRONOUNCED: on gih-no parr-sann-tah no iff-igg-ool ae
MEANING: Is it personal or official?

PHRASE: Ta se dearg, gorm, dubh, ban,
oraiste, donn, bui, glas
PRONOUNCED: taw shay dar-igg, gurrum, duve, bawn,
orr-awsh-che, don, bwee, gloss
MEANING: It is red, blue, black, white,
orange, brown, yellow, green

PHRASE: Ta se a haon a clog, a do a clog, tri,
ceathair, cuig, se, seacht, hocht, naoi, deich
PRONOUNCED: taw shay a hane a clug, a dough a clug, tree,
kah-irr, coo-igg, shockt, huckt, knee, deh
MEANING: It is one o'clock, two o'clock, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

PHRASE: Uladh, Mumhan, Laighean, Connacht
PRONOUNCED: ooh-lad, muv-onn, lion, con-ocked
MEANING: Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connaught

PHRASE: bean mo chroi
PRONOUNCED: bann muh kree
MEANING: Woman of my heart

PHRASE: Ta tu go halainn
PRONOUNCED: taw two guh haul-inn
MEANING: You are beautiful

PHRASE: An bposfaidh tu me?
PRONOUNCED: on boes-igg two may
MEANING: Will you marry me?

PHRASE: Beagan agus a ra go maith
PRONOUNCED: byug/onn ogg/iss a raw guh mot
MEANING: Say little but say it well

PHRASE: Mol an oige agus tiocfaidh siad
PRONOUNCED: moll on ogue/ihh og/iss chuck/igg sheed
MEANING: Praise the young and they will flourish

PHRASE: Ceoil agus Craic
PRONOUNCED: ceo/ill ogg/iss crack
MEANING: Singing and fun

PHRASE: Aon/Do/Tri
PRONOUNCED: ah-inn/doh/tree
MEANING: One/Two/Three

PHRASE: Ta me are meisce
PRONOUNCED: taw/may/air/mesh-keh
MEANING: I am very drunk

PHRASE: Ta me ar buille
PRONOUNCED: taw/may/air/bool-yeh
MEANING: I am very angry

PHRASE: Ta me tuirseach
PRONOUNCED: taw/may/tier-shock
MEANING: I am tired

PHRASE: An bhfuil pian ort?
PRONOUNCED: on will peen urt?
MEANING: Do you have any pain?

PHRASE: Beidh tu ag taisteal san otharcharr
PRONOUNCED: beg two egg tass/toil sann uttor/karr
MEANING: You are going by ambulance

PHRASE: Gheobhaidh me an bhanaltra duit
PRONOUNCED: yeo/igg/ may on bonn/all/trah dwit
MEANING: I will get the nurse for you

PHRASE: Is maith an scathan suil charad
PRONOUNCED: iss mott on scot/onn suill karrad
MEANING: A friend's eye is a good mirror

PHRASE: Ni dhiolann dearmad fiacha.
PRONOUNCED: knee djull/onn djar/madd fee/ack/ha
MEANING: A debt is still unpaid, even if forgotten

PHRASE: Is minic a bhris beal duine a shron.
PRONOUNCED: iss min/ick a vrish bale dinn/ih a hrone
MEANING: Many a time a man's mouth broke his nose

PHRASE: Imeacht gan teacht ort
PRONOUNCED: imm/ocked gone chockt urt
MEANING: May you leave withour returning

PHRASE: Titim gan eiri ort
PRONOUNCED: titt/imm gone eye/ree urt
MEANING: May you fall without risinge

PHRASE: Gurab amhlaidh duit
PRONOUNCED: gur/ibb owl/adh dwit
MEANING: The same to you

PHRASE: Ta gaoth ann
PRONOUNCED: taw gay oww/inn
MEANING: It is windy

PHRASE: Ta an t-usice ann
PRONOUNCED: taw on tish/keh ann
MEANING: It is raining

PHRASE: Ta an t-adhar gorm
PRONOUNCED: taw an tat/hir gur/imm
MEANING: The sky is blue

PHRASE: Ta ocras orm.
PRONOUNCED: taw uck/russ urm
MEANING: I am hungry

PHRASE: Ta tart orm.
PRONOUNCED: taw tart urm
MEANING: I am thirsty

PHRASE: Ba mhaith liom cupan tae
PRONOUNCED: buh wah lum cup/onn tay
MEANING: I would like a cup of tea

PHRASE: Is maith an t-anlann an t-ocras.
PRONOUNCED: iss mawt on tawn/lonn on tuck/russ
MEANING: Hunger is a good sauce

PHRASE: An bhfuil ocras ort?
PRONOUNCED: on will uck/russ urt
MEANING: Are you hungry?

PHRASE: An maith leat fion/beoir/tae/bainne?
PRONOUNCED: on mawt latt fyunn/byore/tay/bonnyeh
MEANING: Do you like wine/beer/tea/milk

PHRASE: An feidir liom cabhru leat?
PRONOUNCED: on fay/durr lum cow/roo latt
MEANING: May I help you?

PHRASE: An gno pearsanta no oifigiuil e?
PRONOUNCED: on no par/san/tha no iff/igg/ool ae
MEANING: Is it personal or official?

PHRASE: Cad is ainm duit, le do thoil?
PRONOUNCED: cod iss an/imm dwit, leh duh hull
MEANING: What is your name, please?

PHRASE: Ni h-e la na baisti la na bpaisti
PRONOUNCED: nee hay law na bawshtee law na bawshtee
MEANING: A rainy day isn't a day for the children

PHRASE: Is e do bhaile do chaislean
PRONOUNCED: iss ay duh vol-yah duh cosh-lawn
MEANING: Your house is your castle

PHRASE: Tir gan teanga, tir gan anam
PRONOUNCED: teer gon tyong-ga, teer gon on-umm
MEANING: A country (land) without a language,
a country without a soul

PHRASE: Tuigim Gaeilge shimpli
PRONOUNCED: thug/imm gale/geh him/plee
MEANING: I understand simple irish

PHRASE: Nil moran Gaeilge agam.
PRONOUNCED: kneel more/on gale/geh ah/gum
MEANING: I dont have much Irish

PHRASE: De reir a cheile a thogtar na caisleain
PRONOUNCED: day rare a kayla a hug/tar nah cosh/lawn
MEANING: It takes time to build castles

PHRASE: Siochan leat
PRONOUNCED: shee/oh/con lat
MEANING: Peace be with you

PHRASE: Slán agus beannacht leat
PRONOUNCED: slawn og/us ban/ockt lat
MEANING: Goodbye and blessings on you

PHRASE: Dia duit ar maidin
PRONOUNCED: dee/ah dwit air mod/ging
MEANING: Good morning

PHRASE: Ca bhfuil do sheomra leaba?
PRONOUNCED: kaw will do shoim/rah labb/ah
MEANING: Where is your bedroom?

PHRASE: Ta se thuas an staighre
PRONOUNCED: taw shay who/iss on sty/rih
MEANING: It is upstairs

PHRASE: Ca as duit?
PRONOUNCED: caw oss dwit
MEANING: Where are you from?

PHRASE: Is as Meiricea/Sasana/Eire dom
PRONOUNCED: iss oss mare-i-caw/sos-in-ah/air-ah dum
MEANING: I am from America/England/Ireland

PHRASE: Go hifreann leat!
PRONOUNCED: guh hiff-irr-in lat
MEANING: To hell with you!

PHRASE: Go dtachta an diabhal tu!
PRONOUNCED: guh dock-tah on dee-veal two
MEANING: May the devil choke you!

PHRASE: Imigh sa diabhal!
PRONOUNCED: im-ihh sah dee-veal
MEANING: Go to the devil!

PHRASE: Ta cupla focail Gaeilge agam
PRONOUNCED: taw koo-pluh fuk-ill gale-geh ah/gum
MEANING: I have a couple of words of Irish

PHRASE: Nil aon sceal eile orm
PRONOUNCED: kneel ayne skale ella urm
MEANING: I don't have any other story

PHRASE: Oiche mhaith, codladh samh
PRONOUNCED: eehah wot, culla sovh
MEANING: Good night, sleep well

PHRASE: An bhfuil ocras ort?
PRONOUNCED: On will uck/russ urt?
MEANING: Are you hungry?

PHRASE: Níl. Ach tá tart orm.
PRONOUNCED: Kneel. Ock taw tart ur/um
MEANING: No, but I am thirsty

PHRASE: eistigi liom!
PRONOUNCED: eish-tig-ee lum
MEANING: listen to me!

PHRASE: Dún do bheal!
PRONOUNCED: duin duh vale!
MEANING: shut your mouth!

PHRASE: gabh mo leithscéal!
PRONOUNCED: guh muh lesh/kale
MEANING: pardon me!

PHRASE: Cé atá ag glaoch, le do thoil?
PRONOUNCED: K ah/taw egg glay/ock, leh duh hull?
MEANING: Who is calling?

PHRASE: Tá an líne gafa
PRONOUNCED: Taw on leena goffa
MEANING: The line is engaged

PHRASE: Níl aon fhreagra
PRONOUNCED: Kneel ain frag/ra
MEANING: There is no answer

PHRASE: Bainfidh mé triail as an líne eile
PRONOUNCED: Bwin/igg may treel os on leena ella
MEANING: I will try the other line

PHRASE: Tá brón orm faoin moill
PRONOUNCED: Thaw bro/inn ur/im fween mwill
MEANING: I am sorry for the delay

PHRASE: Níl sé/sí istigh inniu
PRONOUNCED: Kneel shay/shee ish/tig in/u
MEANING: He/She is not in today

PHRASE: Cén uimhir ghutháin atá agat?
PRONOUNCED: Kane iv/or goo/tawn ah/taw ah/gut?
MEANING: What is your Telephone Number?

PHRASE: Cén t-eolas atá uait?
PRONOUNCED: Kane toe/lass ah/taw ooh/it?
MEANING: What information do you want?

PHRASE: Gheobhaidh tú gach eolas san bhileog
PRONOUNCED: Yeo/ig two gock o/lass san vill/owge
MEANING: You will get all the information in the leaflet

PHRASE: aon, do, tri, ceithir, cuig
se, seacht, ocht, naoi, deich

PRONOUNCED: ain, dough, tree, kerr/ih, koo/igg
shay, shocht, uck/th, knee, deh
MEANING: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

PHRASE: Mir a haon ar an gClar Gno
PRONOUNCED: mere ah hain air on glar gh/no
MEANING: Item one on the agenda

PHRASE: Iadsan go leir ata i bhfabhar?
PRONOUNCED: eed/sun go lair ah/taw ih vow/arr
MEANING: All those in favour?

PHRASE: Iadsan go leir ata in aghaidh?
PRONOUNCED: eed/sun go lair ah/taw in eye/gh
MEANING: All those against?

PHRASE: Cruinniu ar Athlo!
PRONOUNCED: krin/u air ott/low
MEANING: Meeting adjourned!

PHRASE: Fear/Bean ar do mhian agat
PRONOUNCED: far/ban air duh vian ah/gut
MEANING: A husband/wife of your choice to you

PHRASE: Faol saol agat agus bas in Eirinn
PRONOUNCED: fweel sail ah/gut og/us boss in air/in
MEANING: Long life to you and death in Ireland.

PHRASE: Ta me/Ta Tu/Ta se/Ta si/Taimid
PRONOUNCED: Taw may/Taw two/Taw shay/Taw she/Tom-eed
MEANING: I am/You are/He is/She is/We are

PHRASE: Ta me in a gconai in aice on siopa
PRONOUNCED: Taw may inn ah goin-ee inn ack-ah on shup-ah
MEANING: I am living beside the shop

PHRASE: Ta si ag leamh on paipear
PRONOUNCED: Taw she egg lave on paw/pear
MEANING: She is reading the paper

PHRASE: An bhfuil Gaelige/Bearla agat?
PRONOUNCED: On will gale-geh/bear-lah ah-gut?
MEANING: Do you speak Irish/English?

PHRASE: An dtuigeann tú?
PRONOUNCED: On digg/inn two
MEANING: Do you understand?

PHRASE: Tuigim/Ni thuigim
PRONOUNCED: tigg-im/knee higg-im
MEANING: I understand/I don't understand

PHRASE: Cad is ainm duit, le do thoil?
PRONOUNCED: Cod is ann/um dwit, leh duh hull?
MEANING: What is your name please?

PHRASE: Cen seoladh atá agat, le do thoil ?
PRONOUNCED: Kane show/lah ah/taw ah/gut, leh duh hull?
MEANING: What is your address please?

PHRASE: Tá grá agam duit!
PRONOUNCED: taw graw agg/um dwit
MEANING: I love you!

PHRASE: Mo mhíle grá
PRONOUNCED: muh veal/ah graw
MEANING: My thousand loves

PHRASE: Go raibh míle maith agat!
PRONOUNCED: Guh ruh meal/ah mawt ag/gut
(literal: may you have a thousand good things!)
MEANING: Many thanks!

PHRASE: Breith lá Sona Duit!
PRONOUNCED: breht law sunna dwit!
MEANING: Happy birthday to you!

PHRASE: Go maire tú an lá!
PRONOUNCED: go marra two on law
MEANING: Many happy returns! (Congratulations!)

PHRASE: Sláinte agus saol chugat!
PRONOUNCED: slawn/che ogg/us sail koo/gut!
MEANING: Health and long life to you!

PHRASE: Bi samhach!
PRONOUNCED: bee zoww/ock
MEANING: Be Quiet!

PHRASE: Duin an doras!
PRONOUNCED: doon on dur/oss
MEANING: Shut the Door!

PHRASE: Cen tam e?
PRONOUNCED: cane thom a?
MEANING: What time is it?

PHRASE: Ta se a tri a chlog ar maidin
PRONOUNCED: Taw shay ah tree ah clug air mod/gin
MEANING: It is three o'clock in the morning

PHRASE: Ta se deich noimead tar eis a naoi
PRONOUNCED: Taw shay deh no/made tar aish a knee
MEANING: It is ten minutes after nine

PHRASE: Cé as tú?
MEANING: Where are you from?

PHRASE: As America, is tú féin?
PRONOUNCED: oss/America/iss/tu/feign
MEANING: From America, and yourself?

PHRASE: As Australia
PRONOUNCED: oss/Australia
MEANING: From Australia

PHRASE: Tá tart mór orm?
PRONOUNCED: taw tart mure urm?
MEANING: I am very thirsty?

PHRASE: Cá bhfuil an teach pobail? ostán, airgead
PRONOUNCED: caw will on chock pub/ill? us/tawn, are/igid
MEANING: Where is the Pub? hotel, money

PHRASE: Sláinte!
PRONOUNCED: slawn/che
MEANING: Health! (Cheers!)

PHRASE: Cad ba mhaith leat?
PRONOUNCED: cod buh watt lat
MEANING: What would you like?

PHRASE: Ba mhaith liom tae/bainne/uisce beatha/beoir
PRONOUNCED: buh watt lum tay/bonn-ye/ishka ba-ha/bee-yore
MEANING: I would like tea/milk/whiskey/beer

PHRASE: Ni maith liom /bricfeasta/lon/suipear
PRONOUNCED: knee mawt lum brick/fasta/loan/sue-pear
MEANING: I would not like breakfast/lunch/supper

PHRASE: Cén dath atá ar ?
PRONOUNCED: cain dawt ah/taw air?
MEANING: What color is it?

PHRASE: Ta se dearg/gorm/bui/glas/dubh/ban
PRONOUNCED: Taw shay djar-ig/gurm/gloss/duve/bawn
MEANING: It is red/blue/green/black/white

PHRASE: Cad e sin?
PRONOUNCED: Cod eh shin?
MEANING: What is that

PHRASE: Is clog/balla/blathanna e
PRONOUNCED: Iss clug/bolla/blaw-on-ah eh
MEANING: It's a clock/wall/flowers

PHRASE: Is fear rith maith ná drochsheasamh.
PRONOUNCED: is far rit mot nah druck/shass/ubh
MEANING: A good run is better than a bad stand

PHRASE: Más é do thoil é
PRONOUNCED: Mawsh a duh hull a ('a'as in 'bay')
MEANING: If you please

PHRASE: Saol fada chugat
PRONOUNCED: Sail fod/ah cu/gut
MEANING: Long life to you

PHRASE: Tá mé ar buille
PRONOUNCED: thaw may air boo/ill/ya
MEANING: I am angry

PHRASE: Michael is ainm dom
PRONOUNCED: Michael is ann/um dum
MEANING: My name is Michael

PHRASE: Cad is ainm duit?
PRONOUNCED: cod is ann/um dwit?
MEANING: What is your name?

PHRASE: Conas atá tú?
PRONOUNCED: kuniss ah-taw two
MEANING: How are you?

PHRASE: Tá mé go maith
PRONOUNCED: Taw may go mawt
MEANING: I am well

PHRASE: Oíche mhaith
PRONOUNCED: e-ha whawt
MEANING: Good night

PHRASE: Níl aon tintéan mar do thintéan féin
PRONOUNCED: Kneel ain tin-tin mar duh yin-tin feign
MEANING: There's no place like home

PHRASE: An bhfuil bean sa chistin?
PRONOUNCED: On will ban sa khish-tin?
MEANING: Is there a woman in the kitchen?
(replace 'bean' with 'fear' (pronounced 'far')
to ask 'is there a man in the kitchen?')

PHRASE: Nach breá an lá é?
PRONOUNCED: knock brah on law eh
MEANING: Isn't it a nice day?

PHRASE: Tá an ceart agat. Tá sé go breá anseo.
PRONOUNCED: Taw on cart ah gut. Taw shay go brah on shuh
MEANING: You are right. It is nice here

PHRASE: Nil' an aimsir go maith inniu
PRONOUNCED: Kneel on ayeim shur go mawt in you
MEANING: The weather isn't good today

PHRASE: Gura slán an scéalai
PRONOUNCED: gur ah slawn on skale e
MEANING: May the person bearing the news be safe

PHRASE: Tá failte romhat
PRONOUNCED: Taw fall cheh row at
MEANING: You are welcome

PHRASE: Scileann fíon fírinne.
PRONOUNCED: Skill/awn fyun fir/in/eh.
MEANING: Wine lets out the truth.

The following 2 phrases are the equivalent of 'curses'.

PHRASE: Imeacht gan teacht ort.
PRONOUNCED: Im/ockt gon chock/th urt.
MEANING: May you leave without returning.

PHRASE: Titim gan éirí ort.
PRONOUNCED: Chitim gon eye/ree urt.
MEANING: May you fall without rising.

PHRASE: Gura slán an scéalai
PRONOUNCED: gur/ah slawn on skale/e
MEANING: May the bearer of the news be safe

PHRASE: ...a chuisle mo chroí...
PRONOUNCED: a quish/leh muh kree
MEANING: dear darling/treasure...

PHRASE: ...a ghrá mo chroí...
PRONOUNCED: a graw muh kree
MEANING: of my heart...

PHRASE: Dia dhuit
PRONOUNCED: dee-ah dwit
MEANING: God (Dia) be with you.
This phrase is the equivalent of 'Hello'.

PHRASE: Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam
PRONOUNCED: air esh day go row a ann-im
('row' as in a fight, tiff, argument)
MEANING: May he rest in peace
This is a common phrase used on funeral
condolence cards, gravestones, etc.

PHRASE: Go n-éirí on bóthar leat
PRONOUNCED: go nigh-ree on boat-or lat
('nigh' as in 'the end is nigh')
MEANING: May the road rise with you

PHRASE: Slán agus beannacht leat
PRONOUNCED: slawn og-us bann-ockt lat
MEANING: Goodbye and blessings on you

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